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Hello. My name is AKABUR. I am in illustrator. I make a living drawing stuff and making games for grown-ups.  You will not find any extreme fetishes here. Just good-old cartoonish nudity and sex  action. 

If you are of a legal age you should be just fine. Enjoy your stay.

Also I am glad you are here, because your support is very important to me.  




"Interacting with a disposable loli" fanfic. 

Anyone still remembers how D.Loli came into being? 0_o




"The Walk Of Shame"

Hello, guys. The after-release dust is finally starting to settle. I took a short break and feel refreshed. Ready to keep working. I have something really special planned for one of the upcoming "Magic Shop" combination. 

Can't wait to start working on it and share a few screenshots with you guys :) Meanwhile here is a TMNT picture that I promised. Hope you will like it. Thank you for your support. Thank you for letting me do this! P.S. As usual HD version is in the attachment.  READ MORE>

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Magic Shop V.1.02 Release.

Oh wow... I thought working on the game was a bumpy ride but the whole release turned out to be even... bumpier.

I'm very happy that it's all behind us now. The game been tested one million times so I'm pretty sure there almost no bugs left, nothing important that could cripple your experience anyway.
Also it's been proofread so hoping not to many typos either.
My job is done here... READ MORE> 

Latest Blog Entry. 

Hey, gang.  This week was... No! 
To hell with my personal life! 
Straight to business!  

Here is a short text based game. Have fun with it while you're waiting for "Princess Trainer" to be released. 

Now about "Princess Trainer". There was a minor hiccup: despite thorough testing I put the game through personally, I managed to miss on one pretty big bug that crashed the game closer to the end. (Was a big shock for me) And a dozen of small ones... 
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New Upload To My Hentai United Profile 

Magic Shop Version 1.2

You know how to support me...

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Hello there. I am in a foul mood to day, so don't feel like writing long-ass descriptions. Just wanna upload this pic and get back to working on the Magic Shop as soon as possible... 
Thank you for your support.

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New Upload To My Hentai United Profile

Magic Shop v.1.1

New Upload To My Hentai United Profile: 

(Tuesday, July 09th.)


I took a short break from "Magic Shop" development to draw this illustration. It's been in my mind for a very long time. Finally it's out :)

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